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Infinite Objects believes that video and NFTs should be appreciated the same way prints and photographs have been for centuries — not just trapped in our phones and laptops. 


Our permanently treated, collectable displays have no buttons, apps, or connectivity, and bring scarcity and value to video content in the real world for the first time. 



New York, NY – est. 2013



Digital canvases, (glass, aluminum, silicon)


A breakthrough category of device transforming how we experience NFTs, music, streaming and gaming in the spaces where we live, play, learn, and spend our time. WHIM is more than just a display, WHIM is packed with powerful capabilities no other digital canvas out there has. WHIM is the new media modality for every part of your digital life.


WHIMfusion™ puts the power in your hands to create a custom mix of apps, NFTs, pics, and anything you choose, across multiple canvases, or on singular, side-by-side canvases for truly unique experiences

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