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Bivalve_01, 1010

MoMA Viridium Atrament Sumi, Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, 2017, Sumi Ink and Nihonga Pigment on Paper

Church of the 21st Century, Arsen Arzumanyan

Furnace of the Birds, Arsen Arzumanyan

Act 3 Scene 01, Part 2, El Popo Sangre

Skater, Entes, Video

Portal 004, Hoxxoh

The Heat You Crave, James Jirat Patradoon

Rainbow EAR Tag, Kunle IRAK

La Sagra Digital, Francesco Lo Castro

Automaton, LOOOP, 2014, Digital

Scorpion Spirit, Marlon Preuss, 2020, Charcoal



Choose Your Player - Dreamweaver & Proton, Sutu

Sofia and Storm, Swoon

Chalcedony, Yoshi Sodeoka


POSTICHE - Act 1, Scene 2, El Popo Sangre, 2015

VR Graffiti Wall Vol. 1, Lushsux (Melbourne, AUS), Sauteezy (Los Angeles, USA), Mike IRAK aka Rehab IRAK (New York City, USA), Kunle F. Martins aka Earsnot IRAK (New York City, USA) and Snipe1 (Tokyo, JP)

Forbidden Amuse Yourself (pink/blue), Kenny Schachter

Mango Souffle, Kitasavi, 2021, Seamless loop video

Chase Burning.Gif, Alex Schaefer

Storm Moth, MOR, 2022, Timelapse of paper cut on glass

Raw Data, Jake Fried, 2020, Ink, gouache, white-out and coffee on paper

Firecracker, Sauteezy

Grotta_01, 1010

Meta-Morphosis, Baghead

Love in the 4th Turning, Claire Silver, Artificial Intelligence, Digital painting

ɨռ ʍɛʍօʀɨǟʍ: #003, Diana Sinclair, Digital Photography, Glitch Art, Digital Animation

 Neon Bloom - Special Edition A1, Hannes Hummel, Digital, 3D video

Carl, Kensuke Koike, 4K Video 60fps loop

ARIEL, Mashkow

RARE UGLY #006, REO, Video 3D, Cinema 4D

Dante 02, Nude Robot, Video

On Fire, Tonq

Look Up, Nude Robot

Smoke Show, Tonq, 2021, 3D video

ղ𝖊ͼϯ:𝛂Ʀ, ines alpha x Moonchild Starcastle, mp4

A07_Stickers_Sold_Separately, Dexamol, Digital Animation 

SPACETROOPER, Pascal Blanche

Alien Birth, Konti

Dissolution 2, Alexander Dueckminor, 2021, Video, after effects

Office Games, Pol Kurucz

Goodnight Moon, Jake Fried, 2020, Ink and white-out on paper

Cybertrip, Kidmograph, 2017

Being In The Right Place In The Wrong Time Zone, maxwellinked, 2021, Digitized drawing using Blender Collaboration with August Graham

Takako, Equinoz x Yuen Hsieh

Cluster, Kidmograph

CryptoFractals 088, LOOOP

LIFES A JOKE, Marlon Pruess

Revenge of the Hood Ninja, Mike IRAK

Handyman, Nick den Boer, 3D animation

Dreamweaver, Sutu

Black Light, Sutu

Tiger lily dragon frog people, Yu Maeda, Animation

Forsaken Fruit, xsullo, 2021, Digital

Fractured Resistance, xsullo

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