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Obscura is a photography organization that aspires to build community and empower photographers to create their dream projects by bringing back the concept of the photographic

commission. Using funding models made possible through blockchain technology and NFTs, Obscura aims to provide commissions, grants, mentorship, education, and partnerships to artists and organizations in the NFT Photography space.


Founded in 2021 by Alejandro Cartagena, Tony Herrera, and Cooper Ray, Obscura enables photographers to pursue their creative endeavors through the creation of NFT Native photography. Obscura is a model of how we think of photography in the digital age and a means of addressing a long-standing gap in available funding from traditional art institutions with a growing supply of practitioners. Distinguished by a patron-based financial and service model, Obscura offers the opportunity for photographers to create new bodies of work that have their first iteration in the world as NFTs.


As the only business of its kind, Obscura continues to emerge as an innovative force- advancing creative autonomy and living wages for photographers and the future of the art world.

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