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Asunder Culture

featuring works by

Coby Kennedy


Laura Laine



Click on the corresponding location to see artwork labels.

Superchief Gallery NFT is pleased to present Asunder Culture, a collection of works that represent the ephemeral anxiety and ecstasy of global culture and historical power structures being torn apart through strife and technological evolution.


This exhibition includes artwork from artists Swoon, Ganbrood, Laura Laine, LOOOP, and Coby Kennedy. Throughout their works is a tangible desire for social stability amid chaos.


Swoon’s delicate, layered stenciling offers intimate glances into human complexity around the world. Ganbrood’s unique dystopian works are made up of photographs and generative adversarial networks (GANs), creating a sense of  dissonance in the viewer’s recognition of the pieces. Laura Laine combines haute couture fashion with the surreal in her intricate illustrations. LOOOP describes his digital works as “unknowable [forms unfolding] in hyperspace” in which colors and shapes constantly shift. Coby Kennedy’s works are somehow both baroque yet raw in their visceral imagining of a future built on the chaos of today.


After premiering at Superchief Gallery LA for NFT|LA, Asunder Culture drops Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 on Objkt, the largest NFT marketplace using Tezos.

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